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Remote Grease Anchor Blocks & Bulkheads

Grease anchor blocks are used to be the secure common point to where the grease lines are run to. Choose from 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 outlets, then choose the type of grease tubing you wish to use

- 6mm Compression Fitting Grease Tube System

- 6mm Push in Fitting Grease Tube System

- 8.6mm Grease Tube System

- 11.3mm Grease Tube System

Shop on line for Grease anchor blocks

*If you wish to grease more than 8 outlets from one Grease Anchor Block, either use two blocks or contact us for a custom made grease anchor block

Grease divider blocks

(If you want only one grease inlet and several grease oultets you can achieve this by using a Grease Divider Valve. Please note: outlets cannot be blocked. For more than 12 outlets please contact us -

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