Remote Grease Lines - Grease bearings, bushes and pins safely
11.3mm High Pressure Grease Tube System 
In this category you will find:
  • 11.3mm super extreme high pressure grease tube
  • field adaptable hose ends and screw sleeves
Once you have chosen your grease anchor block, choose the fittings and grease hose you require. 
11.3mm extreme high pressure grease hose, suitable for 18m lengths
100m x 11.3mm grease filled high pressure tube
Price: $1,087.90
100m x 11.3mm high pressure tube - empty
Price: $912.06
Straight hose stud for 11.3mm hose
Price: $8.99
90 deg x 6mm hose stud for 11.3mm hose (22 x 45)
Price: $12.59
Screw sleeve 11.3mm hose
Price: $8.65