Remote Grease Lines - Grease bearings, bushes and pins safely
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Now you can grease those hard to reach, dangerous or contaminated grease points...
Simply run a grease hose from your difficult to reach grease points to a common grease anchor block. Be confident that the grease tubes will not burst under pressure.
We offer a large variety of lube fitting options ( these include: grease hose, grease fittings and grease adaptors and grease tube repair kits). Best of all, it is inexpensive and easy to install.

Our remote grease systems are ideal for...
  • Farm machinery such as harvesters, headers, diggers, tractors or trailers, hay balers, backhoe, milking machines
  • Transport industry such as trailers
  • Manufacturing plants and food processing pants and more
  • Mobile mining machinery such as, excavators, drilling machines, screen bearings, impactors
  • Stationary mining equipment such as conveyors, crushers
  • Oil and gas such as drilling such as drill rigs, pumps and more
Our remote grease system can also be used in conjunction with automatic lubrication systems for initial installations or repairs. They are interchangable with other brands.
Please feel free to browse our Remote Grease Line Shop.
11.3mm Grease Tube System 
Adaptors & Reducers
WARNING: Never split or tee off grease tubes in a system. One grease line per grease point is the only way to go. Grease will take the least path of resistance.
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